Carbon Issues we follow


CMCA closely follows major developments in the U.S. carbon markets. Members receive frequent updates on matters affecting their issues of interest and engage in productive dialog to assist market regulators in the development of these markets. 

Current Focus Topics Include:

The California carbon market has continued to grow and develop. As state regulators begin to look to develop carbon obligations beyond 2020, CMCA is closly following each proposal and regulatory amendement to keeping its members abreast of market developments.

The members of CMCA receive focused analysis of market wide supply/demand in the RGGI market and are fully informed on legislative initiatives from RGGI member states.

In June 2013, Pres. Obama directed the EPA to use its authority under Sections 111(b) and 111(d) of the Clean Air Act to develop regulations and procedures reduce the amount of GHGs emitted in the U.S. CMCA members will continue to be involved in the process as the EPA develops these regulations for implementation



Ontario has passed landmark legislation that has secured the cap-and-trade program in Ontario. Beginning March 2017 Ontario will start auctions.