About CMCA

Who We Are


CMCA is a non­profit association providing an organized platform for Carbon Market Compliance entities and other market participants to come together to share ideas, discuss current issues affecting the market, and seek reasonable resolutions.


CMCA members receive commercially-relevant information on market developments, changes in market fundamentals, and regulations through periodic market update calls and discounted conference attendance. Members also gain access to a diverse network of market participants, enjoy unified support in speaking with regulatory agency officials about market issues, and professional networking and insight into commercial hedging opportunities/structures.

Our Executive Director

Andre Templeman has over 14 years of experience in commodity structuring and origination with Macquarie Bank, Goldman Sachs, Duke Energy and Iberdrola Renewables. He has developed, built and led teams in the WECC and ERCOT while at Macquarie and Goldman Sachs. He has extensive experience developing and executing innovative hedge structures for end users with a specific focus on renewables and natural gas-fired power plants. Andre holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and a BA from York University. Andre has been deeply involved in the Carbon and Renewable markets as they have emerged from a regulatory concept to a full-fledged commodity market.





Market dynamics are constantly being altered due to numerous factors. Legal challenges, new legislation and regulations from Government bodies, and changes in fundamental supply/demand economics.


Many regulated entities and other market participants do not have the sufficient time or resources to adequately track and monitor all the major market issues affecting their business.


This association provides members with invaluable commercial insight in navigating the labyrinth of regulatory oversight filtering information down to the most pertinent issues affecting our members businesses thus allowing CMCA members to focus their time and energy on their core business operations.


Many government decision makers are open to input from market participants, however, much of the input they receive is disjointed and often comes from multiple parties representing very narrow and individualized issues. CMCA helps provide a united voice in providing commercial and market based insight to key regulatory bodies influencing the market place.


CMCA maintains a focus specifically on the critical issues affecting the carbon market. Currently, there is no similar forum wherein carbon market participants can obtain critical commercial insight along with a detailed understanding of regulatory matters.

Our Members

CMCA membership is open to:


  • End-user compliance entities NGOs,

  • Government, and Academic Institutions,

  • Market traders/participants,

  • Financial institutions Brokers, and

  • other stakeholder entities